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[ 0x01 ] .codes

Here you will find my codes categorized in sections. I hereby emphasize though, that the hacking-related stuff which is published here are for education purposes only. I do not take any responsibility for any abuse or misusage!

[ 0x02 ] .projects

sshtrix-0.0.2.tar.gz - MD5: cc9eecb6fb3729152a1fd79851b634fc
sshtrix is a very fast multithreaded SSH login cracker. It supports SSHv1 and SSHv2. sshtrix was designed to automate rapid bruteforce attacks against SSH authentification screens. Unlike other public tools, the aim is to keep it simple, stable, fast and modular. With its clean code design, it is easy to extend the code to a framework or to fork it against protocols of your choice. In fact, sshtrix is a fork of my own generic login cracker framework.

uwss-0.0.2.tar.gz - MD5: 628cf94b10e5393b453187ba51bd142a
Uwss is a web security scanner and used for testing security holes in web applications. It can act as a fuzzer whose objective is to probe the application with various crafted attack strings. Uwss is built upon a modular concept. Uwss currently supports following modules: xss, sql injection, blind sql injection, local/remote file inclusion, php code injection, perl code injection, ldap injection, soap injection, xml injection and os-command injection. Version 0.0.3 will be re-implemented with multithreading, so stay tuned!

ftelnetd-0.0.3.tar.gz - MD5: 4de4b3240c1d89d0e994552a87df2656
A telnet server, which fakes various telnet daemons (e.g.: cisco, hp printer, unix telnet daemons etc.). I wrote this tool to collect passwords. Be careful, there are some security related bugs and I am not interested in to fix them.

mckoy-0.2.tar.gz - MD5: b61da9cfa6122f32e260b8efdc1607d8
A memcache protocol sniffer and statistics builder. it automatically detects and parses each key (and its value) and memcache-api methods. At the end of the sniffing session, the results are used to build the statisticis.

[ 0x03 ] .snippets

dnsdrdos.c - MD5: b5a580d0376b15a541d02e4b99029269
Proof of concept code that demonstrates a distributed DNS reflection denial of service attack.

dnsspider-0.3.py - MD5: 488fe62a8a2956ee2376a94c4046f72f
A very fast multithreaded bruteforcer of subdomains that leverages a wordlist and/or character permutation.

getmail.py -MD5: 54991344f68f9e5e6c1fa893edac97e2
A script, which retrieves e-mails from pop3(s) and imap(s) server. it will then create a directory for each user and save each email in that dir.

auditx.sh - MD5: fe09601889bbca27bd91b61996eeaee2
Preparation script, which automatically do some basic penetration and information gathering tests using well-known tools. Other tools will be tried after port state check from nmap logfile. All results will be logged in a specified folder.

[ 0x04 ] .shellcodes

reboot.c - MD5: 893ca1096dfc5f351e744a451eaf89c9
reboot(0x1234567); - Linux x86 - 21 bytes

execve.c - MD5: 4119aac8bb00225b099f6247688b163e
setuid(0); execve("/bin/sh/index.html", foobar, NULL); - Linux x86 - 47 bytes

chmod.c - MD5: e837dbae4dd9070da29d02742549f373
chmod("/etc/shadow/index.html", 666); + exit(0); - Linux x86 - 32 bytes
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